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Wheat from the Chaff podcast: Flooding, Universal income & In-field crop diversity

8.9 Newsweek – A fit-for-purpose farming budget

Wheat from the Chaff podcast: Wye chicken? Unlocking nature finance – And special guest: Rob Yorke

8.9 Newsweek – Soil carbon assessments and method of production labels

Wheat from the Chaff (re-edit): Soil science, biodiversity renewal, and special guest: Chris Smaje

They belong to this land: The Reindeer Chronicles

Wheat from the Chaff – Sycamores, Ecocide, the SDP and special guest: Heather Wildman

Wheat from the Chaff – BNG, Organic markets, £1bn from the Lib Dems and special guest: Andy Heald

8.9 Newsweek – Biodiversity credits, liver fluke, time capsules and diversity in the countryside

Wheat from the chaff: Liver fluke, Labour ahead in the countryside, and special guest, Niels Corfield

Wheat from the Chaff podcast: Scottish funding, National Parks and special guest, Rachel Jones

8.9 Newsweek podcast – Welsh farming, Scottish food and Planet Soil

Wheat from the Chaff – Euro protests, high tech hedgerows and special guest, Rhys Evans, from NFFN Wales

Wheat from the Chaff – With special guest, Stephen Alexander, NFFN Northern Ireland

8.9 Newsweek podcast – Natural capital, UK dairy, hemp & more

8.9 Newsweek: Focus on regenerative cattle breeding

Wheat From the Chaff – With special guest: Rob Havard, Phepson Angus

Wheat from the Chaff – With special guest, Clare Hill from Planton Farm

Farm Gate: How to wear Bullock 374

Wheat from the Chaff: Tree equity, Commoning and Nature as infrastructure

8.9 Newsweek – Agroforestry, Forty Farms & COP28

Wheat from the Chaff: Parliamentary push back, UK obesity & Migration

Wheat from the Chaff: COP28, Greenwash & Insects as livestock

8.9 Newsweek: Cities lead the way on climate and food systems

Wheat from the Chaff: Adaptation, Sitka & Buried EA report

8.9 Newsweek: Peak nitrogen, comic-comms & FiPL

Wheat from the Chaff: UPFs, peak nitrogen and a new Secretary of State

8.9 Newsweek: New Defra Secretary & sustainable agri-food investment in Brazil

Wheat from the Chaff: Forest ecosystem collapse

8.9 Newsweek: Fossil fuel focus for food systems & British Pasture Leather

Podcast: Wheat from the Chaff: Soil, Livestock, Fabrics

8.9 Newsweek: Meeting the demand for sustainable fashion

New podcast: Wheat from the Chaff

8.9 Newsweek podcast: Labour policy on land use, trade and agriculture

8.9 Newsweek podcast: Scottish Agriculture Bill

Farm Gate: Torpenhow’s total transformation

8.9ha Newsweek podcast: Is glyphosate critical for regen ag?

8.9ha Newsweek podcast – Is low carbon beef an answer to the wrong question?

Farm Gate: 8.9 Newsweek, Part 1: Forestry, hydrogen and investment

Farm Gate: 8.9 Newsweek, Part 2: Nutrient neutrality – What just happened?

Farm Gate: 8.9 Newsweek, 08-09-23

Farm Gate: 8.9 Newsweek 31-08-23

Farm Gate: A consensus on food, farming and nature

Farm Gate: Farmers, Copa Cogeca and the NFU

Farm Gate: Saying NO to a farm-free future

Farm Gate: Alternative Food Summit

Farm Gate: The one with George Eustice

Farm Gate: Outwintering cattle

Farm Gate: Regen: the next decade

Farm Gate: Where the wilder things are

Farm Gate: Growing a fashion revolution

Farm Gate: Glamping and camping

Farm Gate: The future of dairy?

Farm Gate: Conscious food

Farm Gate: The great plant-based con

Farm Gate: COP27 and food systems – what happened?

Farm Gate: Food forests & vertical real estate

Farm Gate: The one with Prof Sir Dieter Helm CBE

Farm Gate: Carbon tunnel vision

Farm Gate: Regen Dairy round-the-world tour (edited)

Farm Gate: Small abattoirs

Farm Gate: Restoring water, with Walter Jehne & Caroline Grindrod

Farm Gate: Regeneration, not Regenesis

Farm Gate: Managing water in the landscape

Farm Gate: Scaling regenerative dairy

Farm Gate: A small farm future

Farm Gate: Lessons From Ukraine

Farm Gate: Urban food

Farm Gate: The food price crisis

Farm Gate: The one with Six inches of Soil

Farm Gate: Localism and nationalism

Farm Gate: The politics of protein

Farm Gate: Forestry & land use

Farm Gate: The meat paradox

Farm Gate: The one with Hodmedods

Farm Gate: Soil & Satellites

Farm Gate: Carbon farming

Farm Gate: Glasgow Food & Climate Declaration

Farm Gate: Good COP, Bad COP?

Farm Gate: Vicki Hird & Rebugging The Planet

Farm Gate: Are farm animals emotional?

Farm Gate: Stacking sheep and solar energy

Farm Gate: Do we need an IPCC for food?

Farm Gate: From greed to green

Farm Gate: Award-winning adaptive multi-paddock grazing

Farm Gate: Food builds community

Farm Gate: Carbon and water

Farm Gate: Optimism & story-telling

Farm Gate: Indigenous with the earth

Farm Gate: Saving Sierra Leone’s fish

Farm Gate: MSC Certified – How does it work?

Farm Gate: From emergency closure to success

Farm Gate: Aquaculture – An insider’s view

Farm Gate: What next for ocean food?

Farm Gate: Dairy farming – Putting agroecology into practice

Farm Gate: Do we need a new Agroecology Development Bank

Farm Gate: Diversity in agriculture & animal sciences

Farm Gate: What’s the difference

Farm Gate: Veg & Horticulture – Putting agroecology into practice

Farm Gate: Mixed farming – Putting agroecology into practice

Farm Gate: Regen Question Time 2 – Arable & livestock

Farm Gate: Regen question time

Farm Gate: Farming Beef – Putting agroecology into practice

Farm Gate: The one with Will Harris

Farm Gate: Tackling antimicrobial resistance

Farm Gate: Regenerative finance – The one with Robyn O’Brien

Farm Gate: Scaling regenerative agriculture

Farm Gate: Carbon cowboys

Farm Gate: Regenerative oceans

Farm Gate: Happy Cow Milk Co. New Zealand

Farm Gate: Sheep lameness and the 5-point plan

Farm Gate: What does ‘food security’ actually mean?

Farm Gate: Panic buying – a rational reaction to crisis?

Farm Gate: What does less and better mean?

Farm Gate: Why are facts not enough?

Farm Gate: Farmers Unite for a Global Statement on GWP*

Farm Gate: Climate, Food and National Security

Farm Gate: The European Chicken Commitment and KFC

Farm Gate: Ruminant methane, global warming and GWP*

Farm Gate: Is ‘vegan’ a dirty word?

Farm Gate: Farm vets and food sustainability

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