8.9 Newsweek – A fit-for-purpose farming budget

Five interviews today – on topics ranging from the constant struggle for tenant farmers to dangers of slurry pollution.
  • 1’08” Martin Lines from the Nature Friendly Farming Network discusses the NFFN’s general election manifesto, which includes a call for a fit-for-purpose farming budget
  • 12’29” Peter Powell from the Welsh Dee Trust talks about the terrible impact farm slurry can have on rivers
  • 20’34” Vicky Vanderstichele from North Star Transition tells me that scale is critical when it comes to financing nature-based solutions
  • 32’09” George Dunn, the chief executive of the Tenant Farmers Association, tells me about the often poor relationship between tenant farmers and their landlords
  • 42’35” And finally, Robin Walter from the Soil Association, makes the case for regenerative forestry.
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