They belong to this land: The Reindeer Chronicles

In this full Farm Gate podcast ffinlo Costain meets Judith D Schwartz – the author of Cows Save the Planet, Water in Plain Sight and The Reindeer Chronicles.

Western civilisation has, for generations, sought to extract itself from its dependency on the natural world. Indigenous knowledge has been devalued and lost. And even now, as our monumental folly becomes clearer with each passing day, those who lead us have little real conception of our innate dependency upon an interconnected natural world.

Story-telling is a critical means of communicating different paths and informing societal change – and Judith D Schwartz has collected evidence of landscape-scale recovery, led on-the-ground by visionaries who have reconnected themselves with nature, who have learned from listening to heartbeat of their ecosystems, and who have transformed deserts into fertile ground.

ffinlo and Judith discuss what we can learn from reindeer, green colonialism, prey and predator cultures, donkeys in Western Australia, natural capital and economic growth, and the transformation of the Loess Plateaux.

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