8.9 Newsweek – Timber! Micro farms, AMR, and regen misconceptions

Do we seriously need to chop down more trees to address the climate crisis?

What about food? Is it possible to make a living from a third of an acre of land?

In a world struggling with antimicrobial resistance – what’s the WHO doing downgrading a whole class of antibiotics?

And what about my farm – regenerative agriculture – it’s a great idea, but it’ll never work here!

  • ffinlo Costain speaks to regenerative farming advisor, Tim Williams – 0’40”
  • Paul Brannen, the author of Timber! How wood can help save the world from climate breakdown – 12’50”
  • Dr Laura Higham a veterinary consultant for FAI Farms – 25’15”
  • And Ben Hartman the author of The Lean Micro Farm – 37’10”
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