8.9 Newsweek podcast – Peatland, worm-dancing, deer and venture capital

What exactly do the Soil Association mean by a Worm Hunt, and why do they want us to dance for these wriggly ecosystem warriors? Can venture capital really help to scale the transition to regenerative agriculture? Why has deer management become such a divisive issue in Scotland? And the latest UK Peatland Code revision is now open for consultation.

Interviews with:
Dr Renée Kerkvliet-Hermans from the IUCN UK Peatland Programme – 0’25”
Alex Burton, Head of Worms at the Soil Association – 7’57”
Simon Evill from Pelican Ag – 12’51”
Tom Turnbull from the Association of Deer Management Groups – 22’13”

Other places to listen to the podcast:
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