Farm Gate: Regen Dairy round-the-world tour (edited)

This is an edited recording of the Regen Dairy round-the-world tour, which took place on 5th October 2022. We were thrilled to host this opportunity to circumnavigate the globe with four very different regen dairy farmers, all of whom are quite exceptional in their own way.

Our panellists were Blake Alexandre is a fourth generation dairy farmer from Alexandre Family Farm near Crescent City, California, USA.
Richard Park is from Sizergh Farm, near Kendal in the UK, which has probably been farmed since the Vikings colonised Britain.
Mark Anderson is a fifth generation farmer from South Otago, New Zealand.
And Annabelle Gérard is a first generation dairy farmer from Lower Saxony in Germany.
The webinar was hosted by ffinlo Costain.

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