Wheat from the Chaff – Sycamores, Ecocide, the SDP and special guest: Heather Wildman

Phil Carson (Nature Friendly Farming Network) and ffinlo Costain (8point9.com) discuss the week’s news – and are joined by special guest, farm business and succession adviser, Heather Wildman.

News stories Phil and ffinlo discuss:
Scottish Forestry rejects findings of Royal Society of Edinburgh tree report

Non-native Sycamore is third most common British tree

European Parliament votes to criminalise ecosystem destruction

Government policy “inconsistent” and failing to deliver on farm antibiotic use

Food and farming policies “fettered by neoliberal economics” says SDP

And, NFFN Cymru unveils five-point plan for Welsh Government

Heather Wildman is from Saviour Associates – visit her website

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