Venture capital and the regenerative food and farming revolution

Pelican Ag will host a webinar on May 21st exploring the key role that venture capital plays in scaling regenerative agriculture and food production.

“In recent years,” they say, “our entire understanding of what a sustainable food system would entail has been turned on its head. From the science around microbiomes and the trophic cascade, nature’s innate ability to regulate planetary heat through hydrological systems, to how healthy soil is the pre-requisite to nutrient dense foods that drive healthy human physiology; the science and understanding that underpins regenerative food systems today is being disrupted.”

They say, “The good news is there is a robust and growing ecosystem of founders putting this new science to work for solutions to transform food systems from sources of extraction and degradation to centres of health and regeneration. These solution builders are working across the agriculture, food, climate and finance space to create technologies that will enable regeneration from farm to fork but they cannot do it on their own. Capital is a necessary lever to bring these solutions to life and new approaches to venture capital investment – aligned with nature and confident in its role as stewards of capital for regeneration – will be critical.”

You can join Pelican Ag on May 21st for a fascinating and thought-provoking look at why we need venture capital to help drive this regenerative food and farming revolution, and what it means for financial, climate, biodiversity and human health returns.

Register for the webinar here

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