Six Inches of Soil announces UK streaming release

Following a successful community screening programme (more than 300 screenings since February 2024) and a sold-out ‘Green Screen’ tour at select Picturehouse cinemas across the country, Producer Claire Mackenzie and Director Colin Ramsay have announced that the UK streaming release of documentary film, Six Inches of Soil, will be Friday 28th June.

The film was independently produced by DragonLight Films and Springtail Productions over a three-year period with the help of two successful Crowdfunder campaigns.

The film has drawn the attention of heavyweights across the farming and food industries as well as the public, with screenings across Europe and as far away as New Zealand, sparking debate around our food choices our disconnection to nature and how we can regenerate our soils and food system. It’s also proved to be a hit with the TV and film industry with two RTS East Award nominations, one for the film in the Factual – Specialist category and one for the film’s editor, Daria Hupov in the Craft Editor category.

Felicity Beckett, from Picturehouse, said, “The Six Inches of Soil documentary has tapped into a rich seam of public consciousness around food. It beautifully illustrates the problem, then shows what can and is being achieved by ordinary people. People have been flocking to see it, in a way I’ve never seen before, for the clear, positive message around creating a new future for farming and our planet.”

Colin Ramsay, Director said, “We’re blown away by the reactions from audiences who have been moved to tears by the film and we can’t wait for viewers at home to share their stories. We want people to consider how they can regenerate their lives on their own patch. We’ve seen farmers who’ve spent years using chemicals now turning towards biological processes and working with nature. Not just regenerating soils and biodiversity but also the farmer has regenerated themselves, their business, family and community.”

These encouraging stories are reflected in the new Six Inches of Soil book, “How to Heal Ourselves Our Soils and Our Communities Through Regenerative Farming” produced in association with 5m Books.

Copies of the book – which features conversations from the film, photographs and lots of extra information – will be available for signing at Groundswell this week, 26th – 27th June where Claire, Colin, the film’s three stars, Anna Jackson, Adrienne Gordon and Ben Thomas and Carbon Cowboys and Roots So Deep Creator and Director, Peter Byck will be appearing on a panel session titled, “The Power of Regen Films From Both Sides of the Pond” in the Breakout Tent at 5:30pm.

UK audiences can follow the link to rent the film over a seven-day period and can also gift rental of the film to friends and family. Online audiences can also access additional content including further reading of the subjects raised and an interview with Colin and Claire discussing why they made the film and highlights from Anna, Adrienne and Ben.

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