SAYFC Launches RESPECT Campaign At Royal Highland Show

SAYFC Launches RESPECT Campaign At Royal Highland Show

The Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs (SAYFC) is this week announcing a new RESPECT campaign which will be launched at the Royal Highland Show.

The campaign, which is being supported by Scottish agricultural charity RSABI, aims to encourage every young farmer to play their part in positively contributing to SAYFC as a safe, inclusive and fun environment for young people.

The initiative will promote healthy relationships, kindness and inclusivity through positive role modelling supported by education, training and awareness-raising.

As well as promotions at the Royal Highland Show and other events, along with social media activity, the campaign will see the appointment of Respect Ambassadors in every club throughout Scotland.

The initiative will focus on different priority areas through the year, with a focus on training and education. As well as Mental Health First Aid, First Aid and Suicide Prevention training, young farmers from each club will be offered Alcohol Awareness Training supported by RSABI, working with other organisations which specialise in these areas.

RSABI will have a Health Hut located next to the SAYFC building at the Royal Highland Show and this year’s activity by the team of health hut nurses will include a focus on alcohol and responsible drinking.

Working with DrinkAware and Alcohol Focus Scotland, one of the highlights will be an interactive display demonstrating how much is in a unit of alcohol, given the current societal trend for young people to save money by drinking alcohol at home before going out.

The campaign will also aim to raise awareness of the organisations which can offer specialist help and support to people who have been affected by any of the issues raised or negative behaviour. It is hoped that, as well as raising awareness among young farmers the campaign may also have a wider beneficial impact among people of all ages in the Scottish farming community.

Penny Montgomerie Chief Executive of SAYFC said, “This campaign builds on work which has been done by SAYFC over recent years to promote an inclusive and safe environment for our members and the wider community, driven by the Development & Wellbeing Committee and the introduction of a new Youth Development Manager staff role.

“We’re grateful to RSABI for their ongoing support, particularly around promoting positive mental health for young people in the industry. We look forward to working closely with them on the RESPECT campaign to provide 150 young farmers across Scotland with alcohol awareness training.”

SAYFC Chair, Ally Brunton, said, “SAYFC is a vibrant network that nurtures growth, celebrates achievement, and champions the future of rural Scotland, and is incredibly important for so many young people in the industry. It offers them a support system and enables them to be part of a like-minded community. By fostering a culture of respect and awareness throughout all levels of the organisation, we ensure that our members feel valued and supported, enhancing their well-being and creating a positive impact on the wider community.”

Jillian Kennedy, SAYFC Vice-Chair added, “The RESPECT campaign is a welcome addition to other ongoing SAYFC initiatives including our “AreEweOkay?” campaign, which encourages members to look after themselves and check in on others.

“We look forward to seeing lots of our members at the SAYFC centre at the Royal Highland Show, where RSABI will also be based, to find out more about the campaign and pick up a free branded t-shirt to help spread the important message of respecting yourself and each other!”

Carol McLaren, Chief Executive of RSABI, welcomed the initiative. She said, “We know that young people across Scotland benefit greatly from the experience of being a member of young farmers as a source of friendship, fun and learning and we are pleased to support the positive steps SAYFC is taking to remind everyone about the importance of inclusivity and respect.”

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