Royal Forestry Society seeks 10 Agroforestry Woodland Officers

The Royal Forestry Society is recruiting for ten new Agroforestry Woodland Officers to work as part of the Forestry Commission Area team, providing a bridge between forestry and farming/land use.

Each of these full time posts will be based at one of the following ten office locations: Worcester/Cannock/Ludlow, Penrith/Delamere, York, Newcastle, Santon Downham (Suffolk)/Fineshade (Northants), Sherwood (Notts)/Market Rasen (Lincs), Bucks Horn Oak, Tonbridge, Bullers Hill (Haldon Forest Park, nr Exeter) and the national office in Bristol. The jobs are worth £32,612 to £35,343 each.

The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) said, “We are seeking dynamic individuals with experience in forestry/farming and/or land management, who are quick to learn and can inspire and enthuse others. The Agroforestry Woodland Officer role can be seen as the ‘face’ of the Forestry Commission to landowners, managers and stakeholders interested in exploring agroforestry, representing Forest Services front-line agroforestry expertise.”

Successful applicants will be expected to champion the multiple benefits of agroforestry in terms of business and livestock welfare opportunities for land owners and as natural capital opportunities (including biodiversity, water quality, flood management, carbon sequestration/substitution, etc). They will facilitate the design and delivery of new agroforestry projects optimising the benefits they can deliver to the owner and as natural capital.

Each Agroforestry Woodland Officer role will be Area based, covering potentially large areas, but will be part of a team, working alongside FC Woodland Officers (WO) and Woodland Creation Officers (WCO), who have their own geographic area. The Agroforestry officer will often be brought in on cases where WO’s or WCO’s identify opportunities for agroforestry.

Successful post-holders will proactively advise and support Area based staff on agroforestry, providing expert advice on agroforestry development, implementation, regulation, and environmental benefits, with a particular focus on supporting local forest and farming industries.

Post-holders will assist Forestry Commission staff, landowners, and agents to build strong working relationships in the Commission’s efforts to encourage integrated land use models involving trees, woodland, and forestry. Local stakeholder engagement will be a core part of the role, bringing interested parties and regulators together to find innovative ways to bring farming and forestry closer together to benefit business and environment.

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