Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there) – Trailer

Peter Byck’s film series Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there) tells a story of scientific discovery that shows that the humble cow can be major contributor to the solution of climate change rather than a cause of it.

In a first for the UK, Peter Byck will be in Edinburgh to share the data from this extensive study in the US and its implications for the world ‘s soils, food and wildlife.

Roots So Deep (you can see the devil down there) is an entertaining, accessible and informative 4-part documentary series all about inventive farmers and maverick scientists building a path to solving climate change with hooves, heart and soil. Can a novel way to graze cattle, that mimics the way bison once roamed the land, help get farmers out of debt, restore our depleted soils, rebuild wildlife habitat and draw down enough carbon to substantially slow climate change? Yes.

The multi-faceted grazing research being highlighted in Roots So Deep has never been done before; and the results are ground breaking, showing that AMP (adaptive, multi-paddock) grazing, if adopted across the globe, could draw down up to a 1/3 of all human carbon emissions.

“This is, hands-down, the best agriculture filmmaking I’ve ever seen. The characters are all so likable and captivating, the graphics are stunning, and I learned a ton about ecology… but none of that would matter without Peter Byck’s soul and empathy as storyteller.” Bill Weir, CNN

More details about our Roots So Deep film premiere in Edinburgh, coming soon.

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