RAU offers masters degree in agroecology

The Royal Agricultural University is offering its first agroecology degree, with a masters course due to start in September 2024. The course will be led by Dr Jonathan M Code, a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Land Management.

The MSc in Agroecology draws on RAU’s expertise in combining academic and applied learning to support students in contributing to the development of resilient agroecosystems. RAU says that its network of professional links and affiliations with agricultural, land-based and environmental initiatives both in the UK and abroad will ensure that students gain breadth and depth in their studies, agroecological experience and research.

Modules for the course include:

  • Fundamentals of agroecology
  • Agroecology principles in practice
  • Applied farmland ecology
  • Small scale farming and local food supply
  • Sustainable business strategy
  • Managing global soils in a changing climate
  • Management of woodlands and the natural environment

RAU said, “Agroecology is gaining increased attention today for its contributions to farm and food systems, to social innovation, and to research. Agroecology supports the development of resilient food ecosystems. It does so by drawing on science, social studies, and ecological principles to foster synergies between plants, animals, humans and the wider environment. Central to agroecological initiatives is that they are economically viable, that they support human and social values, and that they are ecologically responsible. The integration of these three domains requires interdisciplinary thinking, observation, innovation, and contextual application.”

The course will be delivered in partnership with The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group.

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