Public Health Collaboration conference will link land use and metabolic health

THIS weekend, the Public Health Collaboration will hold an international metabolic health summit featuring world-leading experts. The conference will address many aspects of metabolic health and debate the types of food that land in the UK can best produce.

Sam Feltham is the director of the Public Health Collaboration (PHC). He told 8.9ha TV News that the PHC is “dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions. Our vision is to create a society where everyone enjoys good metabolic health.”

Mr Feltham said “Health and food are very much linked – and in terms of the usage of the land, the higher the food quality, the healthier the people. It’s vital that we have proper land use policies in place so that we can get the most out of public health.”

The PHC conference will bring together a line-up of international speakers, who are leading the charge to spread the metabolic health message.

Mr Feltham said “The PHC was set up in the first place because we disagreed with current healthy eating guidelines. We’re a collaboration of GPs, nurses, dieticians and researchers all trying to improve nutritional guidelines in order to improve the metabolic health of the nation, and [reduce] the many chronic diseases, such as Type 2 Diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s – all of these can be prevented by having good metabolic health.”

The conference will be at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of May. Hundreds are expected to attend in order to learn about how to prevent themselves from getting one of the many chronic diseases that are so common today.

Mr Feltham said “The importance of metabolic health is becoming increasingly understood by scientists and doctors around the world, who advise that many of these chronic diseases can be significantly improved, reversed, or avoided completely when people make simple dietary changes.”

He also pointed out the disconnect between current research and dietary guidelines. “We know that there is about a 17 year lag from research to guidelines being updated, and we’re just trying to speed that up.”

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