Protecting your capital from inflation and inheritance tax

The National Sheep Association says:
IT’S NOT always the first thing on your mind at the start of a busy day on the farm, but it’s one of the most important things you can investigate to ensure the long-term viability of your business and to protect your wishes and your family from challenges should the worst happen.

Join NSA Breakfast Club sponsors Rathbones, leading provider of wealth management, asset management and related services to charities like NSA and Roythornes Solicitors one of the top agricultural law practices in the country at lunchtime on 6th of December to kick start your new year’s business planning early.

Oliver Jones, Head of Asset Allocation at Rathbones will discuss inflation in the UK, specifically how this is affecting the economy and what to look out for? He will also discuss ways to protect your capital against inflation and strategies for the future.

Joseph Stoehr, Associate Solicitor at Roythornes will cover ways to protect your capital longer term. For example, who inherits the farm – Inheritance is often pushed to the back of family discussions, but careful planning can ensure that assets are passed on or preserved for future generations. He will also cover future proofing your business so that it is managed in the way you would like, should you for any reason not be able to continue as you are.

The session will be chaired and introduced by Nicola Noble, NSA Project Manager, with time allocated for Q&A at the end of the discussions, so come primed with questions.

Register for the discussion, which takes place on 6th December at 12.30pm, here


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