Nicole Masters’ renowned soil coaching comes to UK

NICOLE Masters from Integrity Soils is a globally recognised agroecologist and the author of For The Love of Soil. She has mentored many farmers who’ve successfully transitioned to regenerative farm systems in Australia and New Zealand, including farmers who took part in the Regen Dairy research led by Farmwel and FAI Farms.

Now, Integrity Soils’ renowned CREATE programme for regenerative farming consultants and coaches, has come to the UK. CREATE is an 36-week intensive program designed to train and empower farm consultants – it digs deep into microbiology, soil science, agronomy, plant physiology, management, mindset and behaviour change.

By the end of the course, attendees will have the business plans, skills, tools and templates required to start or support their own agroecological coaching businesses.

Previous students say that the course profoundly altered their ability to diagnose many on-farm challenges, increased their ability to coach producers effectively, and improved their technical understanding of minerals and microbes.

Nicole Masters says “The challenge for the 21st century is not our ability to produce more food but to be resilient and adaptable in the face of changing climate. Plant diversity is a valuable tool for producers interested in increasing the resilience of their operation; and is one cornerstone for regenerative agriculture.”

She says that it is farmers, not researchers, who are the innovators in the agroecology space, experimenting with regenerative principles and systems, making them work in their local climates.

“Plant diversity has a vital role building soil health,” she says. “It does this though root architecture adding depth, dimension into the habitat and food supply, both in its canopy and around its root system. This turns any operation from a single dimensional affair into something much more three dimensional.”

“Plant diversity creates more diversity; in microbes, carbon, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and other secondary compounds invaluable for plant and animal health, and ultimately human health. Having a wide range of plant guilds; legumes, forbs (broad-leafed herbs), and grasses builds far more resilience into the system.”

CREATE describes itself as “the ultimate professional development program for highly-motivated people serious about making a real difference in food/fibre production. The program is a bespoke intensive, designed to deliver and empower highly trained, capable and confident agroecological coaches and consultants out into the world.”

The UK programme will be directed by Meagan Lannan, who says that her joy in coaching is working with an individual or team, with a story of challenges and transforming those into a reality of possibility and opportunity.

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