New fund to help farmers manage water

Groups of farmers will be offered support to work together to store water and protect against the impact of drought through a new fund launched by the government in England.

The £1.6 million fund will be used by farmers to investigate different methods to manage water in their area. Projects could include multi-farm reservoirs, treated waste-water recycling systems, water trading and sharing schemes.

Farmers will not however be able to use the funds for improved soil health and other nature interventions (such as earth bunds) that help to hold water in the landscape and create both drought and flood resilience.

The fund will support around 20 studies and will be used to investigate water demand and availability in the most water-stressed agricultural areas over the next 25-year period.

Applications are open now with groups of two or more neighbouring farms eligible to apply. The closing date for applications is 23:59 on 16 June.

Water Minister Robbie Moore said, “Water is our most valuable resource, and we want to support farmers to come together to manage it efficiently on their land.

“By storing water when it’s wet, they’ll have more to use when it’s dry – helping to support food production and boost the resilience of farm businesses across the country.”


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