Matthews Cotswold Flour announces Baker in Training scheme

CHIPPING Norton-based Matthews Cotswold Flour has announced that it is launching a new Baker in Training scheme to encourage more people to turn their passion for home baking into a successful career in the bakery industry.

The Business Magazine reports that Matthews Cotswold Flour will encourage its large community of home bakers to apply to be part of the new scheme and, each year, four applicants will be chosen to take up a place.

Course participants will be given the chance to have a week’s work experience with a bakery and an introduction to professional baking. They will also be given a selection of bakery equipment and materials to help them continue to develop their baking skills.

The scheme is part of the company’s commitment to regenerative agriculture. Bertie Matthews, Managing Director of Matthews Cotswold Flour has said that regen plays a “crucial role in saving the Earth”.

He said “Although there is no official definition, its practices are about growing food in a way that improves soil health and the wider environment. It’s not just something farmers need to know, but also bakers, consumers and millers alike, and we all have a big part to play. Over the last four years, I have tried to advance my own knowledge by talking to some of the pioneers regarding this new way of thinking about how our food is produced. The elements of the system are not actually new, they’re ancient, in the sense that they rely heavily on nature to make the right decisions as has always been the case.

“My father, Paul, became deeply passionate about organic farming in the late ‘80s. We often talk about the future of the mill and the farms that surround us. We both see regenerative agriculture as the next natural step for future generations.”

Commenting on the Baker in Training scheme, Sophie Carey, Bakery Development Manager said ”I regularly hear feedback from bakeries that they are desperately short of good bakery staff. This is a problem across the industry that affects everyone, from small businesses right up to the industry giants.

“We are keen to help in any way that we can to resolve this ongoing challenge for our trade customers and, as part of that commitment, we are delighted to launch our new Baker in Training development scheme.

“We hold a unique position in the industry with strong networks in both the bakery trade and home baking community. We want to put this to good use and provide this golden opportunity for a group of individuals to learn more about the bakery industry and see if they would like to turn their passion into a professional career. We aim to inspire and support the next generation of professional bakers. We would love to hear from any bakeries keen to provide work experience for the scheme.”

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