Greggs trials regen wheat in wholemeal bread production

Bakery chain, Greggs, has said it will trial the use of wheat from regenerative farmed sources in its wholemeal bread production.

The regenerative wheat trial is part of the Greggs Pledge To Do More Good. The company says that its pledge is about “building stronger, healthier communities, making our planet safer, and being a better business.”

The company says, “We have a bigger role to play in promoting regenerative, sustainable agriculture – biodiversity loss is a growing global concern and linked to the climate crisis, and our suppliers and farmers will play a vital role in helping to stop this.”

Regenerative wheat for the trial will be supplied by Wildfarmed – an end-to-end supply chain that works directly with over 100 farmers across the UK and France. Wildfarmed farmers grow wheat in a regenerative system that prioritises plant diversity through the use of
companion plants and cover crops, which promotes carbon sequestration. These crops are grown without applications of pesticides (fungicides, insecticides, or herbicides).

Greggs says that “Wildfarmed’s soil-focussed approach increases biodiversity, minimises river pollution, mitigates against floods and builds resilience against droughts. Their supply chain is 100% traceable and, outside of Organic, Wildfarmed growers are the first group of regen arable farmers in the UK working to third party audited regenerative standards.”


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