Greenshank Environmental announce partnership with Enviren

Greenshank Environmental, which delivers nutrient mitigation across the UK, has taken a stake in Enviren, a company that specialises in drainage design and water management. Recent work by Enviren includes an investigation into Danish zero discharge willow beds.

An Enviren spokesperson said, “The concept of zero-discharge willow bed systems is that the beds use evapo-transpiration to remove all the liquid waste-water generated by a new development, thus achieving nutrient neutrality. We have been working hard to bring the use of this technology into sewered catchments such that a dry overflow pipe would mean that developers can connect to the main sewer (in line with the Buildings Regulations, EA general binding rules and the NPPF) while not generating any nutrients.”

Over the past year, the two companies have collaborated on many projects – a relationship that has now culminated in Greenshank taking a stake in Enviren this March.

Zak Simmonds, Enviren Owner said, “Our partnership will amplify the work we have been doing in onsite nutrient mitigation, drainage design and flood risk. Our market-leading services will be extended, adding Greenshank’s expertise in offsite nutrient mitigation and biodiversity net gain.”

Dr. Gabriel Connor Streich, Chief Executive of Greenshank, has been at the forefront of producing guidance on nutrient neutrality and continues to work closely with Natural England to standardise novel approaches to offsite nutrient mitigation.

Connor Streich said, “By combining Enviren’s ability to achieve full neutrality in over 90% of new housing developments, with Greenshank’s market-leading expertise in offsite nutrient mitigation, we can provide the most cost-effective solutions to nutrient neutrality anywhere in the country. This is going to be a game-changer.”

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