Farming Connect modules will help farmers transition to Welsh SFS

Farming Connect has launched a new set of online modules based around practices that maintain the productivity and health of farmland and livestock in a sustainable way, to help Welsh farmers as they make the transition to the Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS).

The accredited suite of seven modules will give farmers an overview of the future direction of agriculture in Wales, says Farming Connect Animal Health and Welfare (AH&W) and E-learning Manager Becky Summons. She said, “These modules give an insight into how to reduce, reuse and recycle inputs, nutrients and waste and will cover several topics on farmland and livestock.”

There is a module on nutrient management planning to help farmers understand the value of soil and slurry testing and how to complete a nutrient management plan for their holding.

Improving soil fertility and increasing yields through crop rotation, use of green manure, composting, and minimum tillage, is covered in another module, to enable farmers to improve soil fertility, prevent pests and diseases and enhance the nutrient availability to the plants they grow.

Antibiotic resistance is a major issue within agriculture therefore this topic has been introduced to help farmers understand how resistance develops in bacteria and how these resistant bacteria spread. This module will provide guidance on reducing antibiotic use and preventing the spread of antibiotic resistance from farm to farm.

Anthelmintic resistance is another cause for concern and has been included to give farmers the tools to understand how to protect their animals whilst minimising the risk of resistance developing.

Chemicals used for controlling pests and weeds will come under the spotlight too with a module covering Integrated Pest, Management (IPM) approaches that avoid the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

Farmers will also get the chance to learn how to make better use of grass in their systems. Summons said, “With farms expected to implement sustainable farming practices to achieve sustainable outputs, good grassland management can play a vital role in helping to maximise feed quality and to improve growth rates of livestock whilst reducing the need to buy feed.”

When participants have completed all seven modules, they will be awarded a Lantra Awards certificate which will be automatically saved in their Storfa Sgiliau account and a record will be available to view or download at any time.

To access the modules, log into your BOSS account to view all e-learning modules on offer or contact your local Farming Connect Development Officer for further information.

These modules are accessible at any time and can be completed where and when best suits the participant.

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