Ex-Asda boss rescues online butcher Farmison from administration

Sustainable online meat retailer Farmison & Co has been acquired by a consortium led by ex-Asda boss Andy Clarke, Chilli Marketing’s Gareth Whittle, Christian Barton and Kieron Barton for an undisclosed sum.

The Retailer Gazette reported that over the course of the coming weeks, the consortium will recommence operations at Farmison’s production facility in Ripon, North Yorkshire, and return the business.

The consortium’s primary objective is “to first stabilise the company after a difficult year and then devise and implement a growth strategy.”

Andy Clarke, who was chief executive officer of Asda from 2010-16 will become executive chairman of Farmison.

Speaking to Retailer Gazette, Mr Clarke said “As a retailer brought up on a farm in Yorkshire, I know how producers across the region appreciated Farmison’s commitment to the best producers who could provide the highest quality meat to customers.

“That’s why I’m very excited about Farmison’s prospects. We have an opportunity to scale this business and further develop both its direct-to-consumer and wholesale plans, building on the ethos and values of what Farmison stands for.

“There is much work to do to get the business back on its feet and trading again – not least re-engaging with Farmison’s important network of farmers across the region and re-employing colleagues.”

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