Concern about future of EU’s Farm to Fork strategy

Euractive’s Natasha Foote reports that leaked Commission agenda sounds death knell for missing Farm to Fork files

FOOTE writes, “A leaked version of the European Commission’s work programme for 2024 lists none of the remaining EU sustainable food files, seemingly confirming stakeholders’ worst fears that these proposals will not see the light of day before next June’s EU elections.

“The work programme, entitled ‘Delivering today and preparing for tomorrow’, outlines the Commission’s plans for which proposals it intends to put forward and when – but it makes no mention of the key outstanding agrifood files.

It falls at a particularly tense moment for EU policymaking, as anything not on the table before the June elections faces an uncertain future in the next Commission and Parliament.

The notable absences include the sustainable food systems law, a key element of the EU’s flagship Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy and a central pillar of the Green Deal, which aims to accelerate and facilitate the transition to sustainable food systems.

An accompanying document further detailing the Commission’s 2024 plans refers to only two agrifood proposals – those on plants obtained by certain new genomic techniques, and the sustainable use of pesticides regulation, the vehicle via which the EU hopes to slash in half the use and risk of pesticides by 2030.

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