Alternative food summit taking place on 8.9ha

THE Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has invited farmers and other food industry representatives to a food summit, due to take place on 16th May. But while food businesses will attend, there will be no representation from environmental, health, citizen and farm animal welfare organisations.

Instead, 8.9ha will host an Alternative Food Summit at 12.30pm on Friday 19th May. The panel will be hosted on-line and everyone will be welcome to attend.

Two panellists, Phil Stocker and Martin Lines, will also attend the Downing Street food summit and will report back on issues discussed in Downing Street.

At the event we will discuss what was on the table in Downing Street and then address other food system issues that panel members feel should have been part of the prime minister’s conversation.

Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive of the Food, Farming & Countryside Commission, is concerned. She said “[The food system] has become increasingly financialised, generating huge profits for some, whilst passing off the real cost of their operations onto the public purse. This is a massive public interest issue, and citizens perspectives should be reflected in the discussion.”

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The 8.9ha Alternative Food Summit panel:

  • Martin Lines, Chair, Nature Friendly Farming Network
  • Phil Stocker, Chief Executive, National Sheep Association
  • Natalie Bennett, Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle, Green Party
  • Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive, Food, Farming & Countryside Commission
  • Rebecca Mayhew, Old Hall Farm, Pasture for Life
  • Ben Reynolds, Deputy Director, Sustain

The panel will be chaired by ffinlo Costain.

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