AHDB announce first Roots to Resilience module

Farmers, industry stakeholders, and the wider agricultural community are invited to join AHDB Beef & Lamb as they announce the first module of their ‘Roots to Resilience’ programme following the success of their recent workshops.

In October, AHDB’s Beef & Lamb team unveiled its innovative systems-based Knowledge Exchange Programme, Roots to Resilience, challenging farmers to stop thinking in black and white and unlock their full potential. This systems-based approach recognises that agriculture is not just about individual people, crops or livestock but involves a multitude of factors, relationships, and feedback loops that influence each other and the entire system.

Head of Engagement for Beef and Lamb, Samantha Charlton said, “We were thrilled to receive such a positive response to the programme. Our workshop events sold out in just a few days and the feedback we received from the farmers that attended was everything we’d hoped for and more.”

After attending the Roots to Resilience farmer workshop, James MacCartney said, “We as farmers become so used to thinking in a certain type of way. Roots to Resilience challenges the norm, and by stepping back and seeing the wider picture I’ve come away from the workshop with new ideas and approaches that I really think will benefit myself and my business moving forward.

“I’ve already got things in my head that I can take home and use to apply change tomorrow. I’d encourage everyone to get involved with the programme in any way they can.”

Charlton continued, “The workshops equipped us at AHDB with greater insight into the topics that our levy payers want and need more help with, and were vital in forming the content that these 2024 modules will deliver. I’m excited to open up Roots to Resilience to all levy payers and to continue shining a light on the people within farming businesses.”

The first of the upcoming Roots to Resilience modules will be ‘Change the goal, change the system – balancing food production and the ecosystem’, and AHDB will be holding launch events in Hampshire, North Yorkshire (In partnership with the Yorkshire Agricultural Society) and Cumbria on the 24, 25, 26 January respectively, free to attend for all levy payers.

The aim of the module is to get farmers thinking about what they’re aiming for within their business, what’s driving them and what’s holding them back, asking ‘What can you practically do on your farm that will improve ecosystem function, whilst maintaining your desired level of production?’. AHDB will then tap into the expertise and experience of 4 speakers to find the answers needed to take these businesses forward.

Backed by the extensive research experience of one of the event speakers, the world renowned Jason Rowntree from Michigan State University, will showcase how ecological functioning and production can go hand in hand.

Read more about Roots to Resilience and sign up for the events

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